Kumasi Sports Academy Ladies Football Club

Coach Charles Anokye Frimpong hails Kusa Ladies FC’s 11-match winning run


Kumasi Sports Academy Ladies FC’s coach Charles Anokye Frimpong, has described leading the club through a 11-game winning run, as living in a dream.

GERTRUDE and BERNICE are showing all efforts to lead the team backed by the team, to extend their streak of to consecutive victories, smashing the club’s existing record.

“I’m happy,” Charles told the media team after their last game. “This seems like a dream.

“We are very happy about the streak. I hope it continues.

“I will get some credit for this, but I’m lucky to train a fantastic team with fantastic players at a fantastic club.

“But this is only part of a long season. The key is to keep working hard because in football the past is the past.”

“I really liked everyone’s performances,” the coach enthused. They did fantastic job though some players were key to the games.

Coach Charles also played down the severity of the knock some of the strikers that sustained during their last game.

“Some of our key players got hit in their legs and groins and you could see they were a bit uncomfortable. That’s why I took some of them off.”

Kusa Ladies FC will be the team the represent the Ashanti Regional Division 1 teams at the Middle League which will commence on 14th July, 2023 and will be hoping to extend their winning run and qualify to the Premier League.

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